Face Masks



100% Double Layer Cotton Fabric Masks

All Profits go to Rainbows Ireland – Galway Branch


The mask to be used only when it’s necessary to go out. The best practice to contain or stop the spread of the infection is: staying at home, social distancing, washing hands with soap or disinfect them when water and soap are not available.

Wearing the mask: Put on your face with clean hands, don’t touch when wearing, remove the mask with clean hands, place the mask into bag/ washing machine / safe place where it can wait till next washing. Wash your hands after handling the used mask.

Not recommended for people suffering from breathing problems e.g. asthma. remove the mask if you feel any breathing difficulties. Not recommended for children up to 2yrs old. Children up to 14yrs should wear it only under an older person’s supervision.


Processing time is 3-5 days at the moment.


***Please Note the masks in the photos are for illustrative purposes and may not be the exact designs you will receive.  The fabric is donated, so I have no control over the colour or pattern****



Additional information


Adult, Child 7-14yrs


Yellow Polka, Emerald Polka, Sky Blue Polka, Pink Polka, Pea Green Polka, Blue Hearts, VM Camper, Abstract buttons, Lilac Polka, Blue Elephant, Grey Camper, Bunnies, BabyPink Polka, Sheep, Simpsons, Big Bang Theory


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