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Are you losing staff because of your environment

Have You A Tired Workforce?

Have you ever experienced a demotivated workforce? People working in your company for years and feeling trapped in the same environment, despite loving their job, their tired of the same scenery and uninspired.  Having these feelings can seep into their creativity and productivity at work. Often people leave good jobs for this very reason, they just want a change!

Change Your View Motivate Your Staff Increase Profit

Would You Like An Inspired WorkSpace?

My name is Pat Flannery I’m an artist and I’m the founder of Inspired Workspaces. I help companies create workspaces that inspire, motivate and help their staff feel good on a daily basis, by creating inspiring workspaces with beautiful art that is rotated a few times during the year. Inspired Workspaces has a mission to keep your staff inspired by changing the scenery, rather than a static workspace, to help improve morale, creativity and productivity. We also aim to create a welcomed inspired workspace for visitors, to enhance their visit.

I do this by creating themes with art in your various workspaces with different functional and motivational needs. 

Our Specialties

We Can Inspire Your WorkSpace & Your Staff

Beautiful Art Work On Walls

Rotated Art Work Every 6 Months

Art Ebook For Staff 

Art Inspired walks

Art Inspired Brain Brakes

Calm Meeting Rooms

Welcoming Art For Visitors

How we motivate Your Staff

Imagine ….

Imagine a staff that has a changing landscape every 6-12 months, who look at the walls and are uplifted, inspired, awakened and take a brain brake by shifting their focus for 1-3 seconds and are inspired to continue to work. Who no longer feel tired of their environment and feel that the artwork brings life to their workspace.

Inspired Staff

Inspire your staff, to love their place of work, make it a talking point with their friends and family, how much they love working there, with their uplifted workspace. 

Staff Turnover

Staff no longer looking at the same walls everyday, feeling happy again in a new environment.


Create an inspiring environment that enhances productivity.

Brain Breaks

Brain breaks of 1-3 seconds on art causes a 20% increase in creativity and productivity.

From Our Founder

Help Your Staff Love Their Place Of Work

Sometimes all staff need is a change of scenery.